Laleh Golafshani

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bones of the Master

Questions regarding the book "Bones of the Master"

1. Humorous, inspirational, educational, poetry, warmth, friendship, commitment, love, courageous, sad, wonderful, influential, truthful, life, realistic.

2. When reading the book, I see cool and neutral colors. Colors that represent nature and colors that represent Sung Tai's patient and warm personality when he talks to george about his life and work.

3. I'm not sure yet because I haven't yet finished the book due to late shipping.

4. Tsung Tsai to me is such a unique character. Or maybe he is more of one to me than anyone else since I haven't heard a lot about people like him. He is very much devoted to what he does and he wants to educate people through his work.

5. George stands out to me in that he really cares and wants to know more and more about Tsung Tsai's life and meanings behind them. He is a writer trying to work with tsung tsai to understand everything about him and his passion towards Buddha.


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