Laleh Golafshani

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rubin Museum

The artwork “The Holder of the Sakya” has a great use of color. The piece as a whole is vibrant, especially the red and the dark blue; they have intensity. Yet at the same time, there is also a use of neutral color in the artwork. Mainly the back ground colors are reduced in intensity: such as the pink, orange, white, green, light blue, and yellow. They color used for the skin of the main figure is not a very local color. In the objective world the skin is not normally peachy pink. The use of primary and secondary colors help to make the artwork a brighter/richer one. The figure is very important and to emphazise that, it was represented larger than the rest of the figures and it was centralized in the composition. There are warm colors through out the piece, like red, orange, pink, and yellow. There is emotion in the artwork and the warm colors represent warmth. The colors draw me into the piece. Just looking at it interests me. The colors are the first things my eyes see, because of their intensity, followed by the enlarged figure in the center.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chinese Scholar Rock Collection

Object in the spirit of Chinese Nature Art

I was drawn to this object because of it's red color. Red is considered a happy color for many. And looking at the red candle holder I see a carefree, relaxed world. Where everyone loves eachother and there is peace. I see a kind, gentle world with warmth. The candle holder has a clear, transparent quality and I relate that to an honest and true world.